Our team

Our team

Admitted to practice in Italy

Co-founding and managing partner


J.D. – Milan National University “Statale” (2007), Italy
Visiting Scholar – Seoul National University (2008), South Korea
Languages: Korean and Italian (bilingual), English

Practice Areas:
Corporate law/M&A, protection of investments, commercial, real estate and employment law.
Litigation, transactional and advisory. Energy, fashion, real estate, digital entertainment and technology.

Ju Yeon is a Korean citizen educated in Italy, where she obtained her J.D.. She is bilingual (Korean, Italian), which is a unique trait amongst Italian qualified legal professionals that has enabled her to provide effective legal assistance to Korean companies doing business with Italian partners. Ju Yeon has 10+ years of experience in legal practice, gained whilst working at leading international law firms in Italy. Prior to joining Insight as founding and managing partner, Ju Yeon headed the commercial law department, as well the Korean desk, of an Italian independent law firm.

During her professional career Ju Yeon has managed and coordinated M&A and joint venture transactions projects and assisted leading multinational Korean companies in connection with their investments in Italy and other European countries. Ju Yeon’s experience covers a variety of industries but her practice has a specific focus on the (green) energy, fashion and technology industries. Ju Yeon’s clients include Korean commercial as well as diplomatic organizations.

A key driver that led Ju Yeon to start Insight in February 2018 was her desire to assist South Korean companies in their investments in Italy and Europe. Ju Yeon helps her Korean clients understand the Italian and European markets and legislation and develop business strategies that best suit their commercial goals.

Admitted to practice in Italy

Co-founding partner


J.D. – Naples National University “Federico II”(2009), Italy
Erasmus program – University of Cantabria, Spain
PG.D. EU Law (Jean Monnet) – University of Cantabria (2008), Spain
General course on intellectual property – WIPO (2016)
Milan Bar Association (2012)
Languages: Italian (mother tongue), English, Spanish

Practice Areas:
Intellectual property law (including trademarks, patents, designs, copyright, trade secrets, unfair competition, antitrust and advertising laws).
Litigation, transactional and advisory. Fashion, technology, digital entertainment.

Alessandro has extensive experience in legal practice, during which period he worked at leading international intellectual property firms, prior to joining Insight as one of its founding partners.

Alessandro’s experience in the field of intellectual property litigation encompasses cases dealing with the validity and infringement of intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks, copyright and moral rights, design rights, trade secrets and unfair competition. Throughout his career he has represented national and international clients operating in the technology, innovation and fashion industries that required protection for their intellectual and industrial property rights.

Having started his career as an IP litigator, over the years Alessandro has also gained significant experience in connection with the drafting and negotiation of license agreements, franchising agreements, merchandising agreements and agreements for the transfer of intellectual property rights, including trademarks, copyright, design and patent rights in a wide range of industries ranging from technology to fashion and entertainment.
Alessandro regularly assists clients with the filing, prosecution and registration of trademarks and design, including their representation in the context of opposition and nullity proceedings before Italian and European intellectual property offices.

Admitted to practice in Italy

Senior associate


J.D. – University of Calabria (2010), Italy
Erasmus program – University of Valencia, Spain
Assistant at the chair of Legal information technology – University “Insubria” of
Como and Varese (from 2014), Italy
Milan Bar Association (2014)
Languages: Italian (mother tongue), English, Spanish

Practice Areas:
Criminal Law, Information Technology, copyright, trade secrets, unfair competition, antitrust and advertising laws.
Litigation, transactional and advisory. Fashion, technology, digital entertainment.

Matteo has developed his skills by collaborating with the main Italian and international law firms and assisting, during his professional career, the world’s important technology companies.

Matteo’s experience in the field of criminal law disputes and IT Law includes all cases foreseen by the Italian Penal Code, among which, in particular: fraud, substitution of person, stalking, illegal processing of personal data, homicide and manslaughter, injuries and negligent injury, professional responsibility of the surgeon and all other crime figures that may be committed through the use of a personal computer.

Matteo deals with disputes in both judicial and out-of-court matters and, over the years, he has also gained significant experience in the field of Data Protection and privacy (GDPR), Cyber security and digital forensics, Crisis and online reputation management. Matteo assists and represents clients in the courts throughout Italy and also advises in the context of the execution of prison sentences.

Admitted to practice law in Italy

Senior Associate


J.D. (2010) – University of Perugia
Master in corporate criminal law – “Just Legal Service” legal school
Milan Bar Association (2014)
Languages: Italian (mother tongue), English

Practice Areas:
White collar crime, corporate criminal law, economic offences, bankruptcy offences, crimes committed against the public administration, administrative responsibility of corporate entities pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001, criminal litigation.

Damiano has acquired professional experience over the course of ten years in the field of corporate criminal law.
During his career he has developed specific skills with respect to white collar crime and corporate offences (safety, workplace and fraud).

Damiano represents and assists both judicially and extra-judicially many companies, including foreign corporations, present within the entire national territory.

In the course of his experience he has also dealt with tax offences, crimes against the public administration, and cases of administrative responsibility of legal persons (so-called “231 proceedings”).

Damiano has also acquired significant experience in relation to bankruptcy offences (bankruptcy, tax offences, false financial statements and market abuse) and has been appointed several times as defense attorney of the bankruptcy procedure.



J.D. – Catholic University of Milan (2015), Italy
Languages: Italian (mother tongue) and English

Practice Areas:
Privacy & Data Protection, intellectual property law, copyright, consumer law, digital entertainment & information technology.
Litigation, transactional and advisory.

Nicolò graduated in law with a thesis on intellectual property law (specifically models and design) and subsequently worked for Italian law firms developing a deep knowledge of Privacy & Data Protection laws.

He advises and assists companies in relation to the fulfillment of the mandatory obligations provided for by the applicable privacy laws (e.g. drafting of the Data Protection Impact Assessment – DPIA, identification and appointment of DPO, etc.) as well as with respect to compliance with Regulation 679/2016 (“GDPR”) and the Privacy Code, the definition of privacy organizational charts and the drafting of legally required privacy documents (in particular Information notices, Privacy and Cookie Policies for websites, Data Transfer Agreements, data flow to external subjects, such as data controllers, etc.).

As part of his professional experience Nicolò has also advised an Italian healthcare leading group in relation to its GDPR compliance and contributed to the development of a European project aimed at improving the knowledge of privacy laws applicable to Cloud Computing in the EU market.
He has also performed several due diligence activities, also involving privacy matters, both in relation to M&A transactions and company quotas.

He has participated as a speaker in privacy training courses for Italian and international companies.

Finally, he is co-author of two privacy commentaries on EU Regulation 679/2016.



J.D. – University of Pavia – Pavia (2020), Italy
Languages: Italian (mother tongue), English, German

Practice Areas:
Intellectual property, copyright, consumer law, digital entertainment & information technology.
Litigation, transactional and advisory.

Caterina graduated in law with a dissertation in English in the field of copyright which concerned the implications of text and data mining techniques for the exclusive rights of authors and database makers within the European landscape.

In 2017-18 she participated in the 25th edition of the Willem C. Vis International Arbitration Moot as oralist on the merits of the case. Following this experience, she is now junior coach of the University of Pavia Team for the preparation of the written and oral phases of the competition.

Since June 2020 she has been clerk assistant at the Court of Appeal of Milan, first division (Business division), where she assists the assigned judge in preparing for hearings and in the drafting of decisions.

Admitted to practice law in Italy.

Of counsel


J.D. (2010) – University of Naples “Federico II”
Researcher in environmental, financial, social security and tax institutions and policies (2015) – University of Naples “Federico II”
Naples Bar Association (2015)
Languages: Italian (mother tongue), English

Practice Areas:
Administrative law, construction and urban planning law, public procurement law, commercial law, administrative litigation.

Andrea has acquired professional experience over the course of ten years in the field of administrative law.

During his career he has managed both judicial as well as non-judicial cases and has developed specific skills in the construction and urban planning sectors, in addition to having assisted clients in procedures for public assignments and tenders of services.

Andrea assists and represents many clients, including international entities, in extraordinary real estate operations and provides consultancy to foreign companies interested in opportunities for investment in the Italian market.

Andrea has a PhD in environmental law and is an author of several articles published in specialized journals.

Selection of publications:
– “Innovazione e Diritto” journal no. 1/2014, curated by the Public Finances Division (www.innovazionediritto.unina.it): “Exclusion from public tender procedures of companies that do not meet the requirements of general capacity provided under art. 38, para. 1, lett. g), of Legislative Decree no. 163/2006, because they are in a position of tax irregularity, the relation between the need to “definitively” ascertain such irregularities and the consequences of the payment by instalments of tax debts”, in light of the judgment of the Council of State, Third Division, 5 March 2013, no. 1332.

– “Innovazione e Diritto” journal no. 5/2014, curated by the Public Finances Division, (www.innovazionediritto.unina.it): “the judgment of the Constitutional Court of 6 October 2014, no. 228, which declared unconstitutional art. 32, para. 1, no. 2), second sentence, of Presidential Decree 600/1973, stating that the unjustified withdrawal from a bank account made by professionals and freelance workers cannot be considered alone as payments in black”.

– Code of Cultural Assets commented, Nel Diritto editor, 2018 edition: “Comment of arts. 148, 149 and 150, of Legislative Decree no. 50/2016”.

Admitted to practice in Italy


Of counsel



J.D. (1996) – University of Pavia – Pavia (Italy)
Master in intellectual property (1996) – Centre for Industrial Property – Verona (Italy)
Imperia Bar Association (2000)
Register of Supreme Court Advocates (2012)
Languages: Italian, English, French

Practice Areas:
Intellectual property (plant varieties, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, unfair competition). Litigation and advisory.

Nicola has over a decade of experience in the field of industrial property and especially plant varieties in respect of which he provides consultancy as well as assistance before the competent offices in favour of renown international groups. He is also specialized in commercial and IP litigation.

Nicola has also acquired vast experience in commercial and IP contracts, particularly in relation to trademark and patent licenses, technology transfer agreements, trade secret and know-how agreements as well as agency and distribution contracts.

Nicola additionally is an expert in procedures for the re-assignment of “.it” domain names and he assists clients in administrative procedures for the re-assignment of domains having different regional extensions (for example, “.eu”) or institutional extensions (for example, “.com”).

He is a member of the associations AIPPI and CIOPORA and has also been a speaker at conferences and seminars on industrial and intellectual property both within Italy and abroad.

Chief Operating Officer


Languages: Korean and Italian (bilingual), English.

Practice Areas:
Intellectual property, business and interactive software anti-piracy, brand protection, business & marketing development, social media, B2B / B2C e-commerce, digital entertainment and esports.

Aron started his professional career in 2002 in the Legal & Corporate Affairs department of Microsoft dealing with anti-piracy, anti-counterfeiting and enforcement, both in civil and criminal matters, for the Italian and Western Europe territory. Thanks to the experiences achieved during this period, in 2008 Aron was appointed Anti-Piracy Manager for the Italian Video Games Developers’ and Publishers’ Association (AESVI) – where he developed and implemented the intellectual property rights enforcement program for its members.

Afterwards, he joined the anti-piracy and business unit of the Italian Music Industry Federation (FIMI) where he continued dealing with business and interactive software anti-piracy and anti-counterfeiting, as well as brand protection. On this latter, he managed brand protection operations and anti-piracy services for international companies operating in the fashion, luxury, digital entertainment and broadcasting sectors. Over time he has developed a deep knowledge of US, European and Asian B2B and B2C, social and e-commerce platforms, with a particular focus on platforms based in China, Japan and South Korea.

Thanks to his institutional, business and commercial cross-background he was appointed as Head of Team of the European business unit of a Korean pharmaceutical corporation where he was responsible for the planning and development of marketing and business strategies for Europe and Asia, coordinating R&D of products for the Italian and Asian market, and supporting legal and regulatory activities (Italy and China) for the company headquarters.

His passion for video games and competitive gaming brought him back in the interactive entertainment world, where he is focused on video games development and esports.

Since 2020, he is a certified 1st level coach in esports by the ASI.