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Our services

Media & Digital Entertainment

Our media and digital entertainment team is an experienced group of professionals who, before all else, share a great love for the products which the digital entertainment and media industries provide.

We are our clients’ most enthusiastic users. The team is composed of practitioners who have acquired significant professional experience within leading companies operating both in the media and video game industries as well as within associations that represent major publishers.

The Insight team also includes professionals who have acquired the qualification of “Esports coach” and are registered at the national roll (in Italy, this is the “ASI”) and, therefore, are familiar with the more practical sides of this sector.

This means that our clients can take advantage of legal consultancy that allows them to understand legal issues and at the same time make the most of a consultancy based on a practical approach which can help in quickly identifying the heart of the matter and proposing a solution that takes into account the real needs of the client.

Media regulatory & licensing

Digital advertising law

Gambling and prize draw regulation

Esports and image rights