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Our services

Commercial and Corporate Law

The application of commercial and corporate law constitutes the basis of any business transaction.

The corporate professionals at Insight have extensive experience in providing legal assistance to Italian and international companies who operate in the fields of IT and E-commerce, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, fashion and design, and who are interested in creating new commercial opportunities via M&A transactions, joint ventures and start-ups, as well as enlarging and protecting their existing business.

Considering rapidly changing market conditions, which the law often struggles to keep up with and adapt to, the corporate team at Insight understands that a dynamic approach and a creative application of law are required in order to find the best solution for achieving the objectives set by the client, who is followed step by step in each phase of the transaction.

The passion for their work, the curiosity shown for new experiences and the dedication towards the client are the driving forces that motivate the corporate team to find solutions that are both innovative and tailor-made, whilst always striving for increasingly higher levels of quality in the legal work performed for the client.

Moreover, following the serious health crisis that has recently enveloped the entire world, there has been an increase in demand of legal services relevant to the commercialisation of medical devices and products of the pharmaceutical industry; here too, our team can assist clients in matters of importation, production and commercialisation of medical devices, personal protective equipment and medicinal products.

Furthermore, Insight assists companies in litigation (also for the purposes of debt collection) before the Courts and in proceedings commenced before the Competition Authority (in Italy, this is the “Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato”, or simply “AGCM”) when dealing with competition issues.


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