Have you ever wondered if the processing of personal data of non-EU citizens carried out by the foreign representations based in Italy falls or not within the scope of the GDPR?

If you wish to know more about this topic, you can read the article “Personal data without an EU “passport”, GDPR to the diplomatic challenge” by Nicolò Rappa published on Agendadigitale.eu.

In the article you will find not only an answer to the question at issue but also a detailed analysis and practical examples of the criteria to be adopted in order to identify the territorial scope of the GDPR.

The question that is the subject of this contribution introduces a topic that is not much debated but, of course, of great importance if only we consider the enormous amount of personal data that foreign diplomatic-consular representations based in Italy process every day in the exercise of their functions. As is well known, these representations not only constitute a reference point for non-EU citizens living in Italy, but also provide a multitude of useful services for their proper integration in our country and to maintain relations between the State to which these citizens belong and Italy (…).

You can read the full article here (in Italian).