We are thrilled to announce the joining of Aron Park as Chief Technology & Innovation Officer in our Team. Aron, who is passionate about classical music, video games and competitive gaming, has started his career path in the Legal and Corporate Affairs department at Microsoft and since then he has managed anti-piracy, enforcement and intellectual property protection programs also for other industries’ players. He’s been involved with both the institutional and private sectors and as part of his duties he has engaged extensively with judicial authorities and law enforcement agencies across Italy and Europe.

Aron’s mission at Insight is to ensure that the firm, and its video games, esports, new media and technology practice, remains at the forefront of the legal services industry, provide and stimulate innovation, both in terms of processes and technologies adoption, in addition to leading the PR and Social Media efforts of the Insight team. He is also responsible of supporting the Insight TMT team’s legal work, with a particular focus on digital entertainment and esports.

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