Our services

Our services

Intellectual Property Law

Our IP team is composed of professionals who are passionate about the creations and inventions of their clients and interested in researching and studying new possible forms of protection.

Based on a deep experience gained with domestic and foreign companies, we have learned to have a pragmatic and direct approach with our clients aimed at researching and immediately identifying the need and intended business purpose.

Thanks to previous experience in leading law firms, the team is composed of professionals who have a complete and deep knowledge of the subject.

Moreover, thanks to the partnership between Insight and the historic consulting firm de Dominicis & Mayer s.r.l. which allows us to have a daily discussion between professionals, we are able to assist the client at every stage, from the registration of the IP title up to its defense before the court.

Trademark litigation

Patent and design litigation

Copyright protection

Anti-Counterfeiting & Customs Monitoring

Trade Secrets & Know how

Trademarks and design filing and prosecution